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As a service to our community, Kyle Animal Hospital is proud to be the first established, area veterinarian to offer low-cost vaccine clinic hours NOW
EVERY Saturday of each month, from 2PM-4 PM.

Important information for vaccine clinics

It will greatly streamline your visit during these vaccine clinics if you can have the following information:

It will be helpful to LOOK OVER these two forms prior to your visit, to help familiarize yourself with the vaccines because the vaccine clinics are not designed to allow for a consultation on vaccine selection. You may also research vaccines at many places on the internet. You do NOT need to fill these forms out or bring them with you.
General Wellness Procedures & Information
Vaccines in Use at Kyle Animal Hospital

NEW CLIENTS (if you are completely new to our hospital) should pre-fill this New Client Form (pdf). Bring this with you on Saturday OR a better option is to
get this to us beforehand so we can save you time by already having your and your pet's information in the computer. Preregistering in this manner WILL save you and your pets significant time at your visit! For multiple pets, you may print multiple forms or just get us the same information on all pets. If you are not sure if you are already in our system, please fill out this form and then just ask us to double check BEFORE we enter you in again. If you are an existing client, but just need to add pets, use this same form--no need to fill out the entire top, just the bottom regarding the additional pets.

EVERYONE (existing and new clients) will need to fill out this Vaccine Clinic Check In Form for EACH PET.
Again, having this form filled out and ideally pre-submitted to us will greatly speed your visit on vaccine clinic day. For more than two pets that will fit on the check-in form, use this Vaccine Clinic Addional Pet Form for additional pets.

Other Vaccine Clinic FAQs:

Why is this low cost?
In reality, our vaccines themselves have actually always been low-cost. In fact in most cases, the vaccines themselves are priced lower at Kyle Animal Hospital than at many of the temporary vaccine clinics offered in the area. The overall expense in a standard appointment is greater due to the time involved in our standard office call, which includes a thorough physical systems exam, consultation on vaccine selection, and consultation on other wellness care issues such as blood testing, dental health, parasites, and so on. A visit during the vaccine clinic hours will not involve these in depth consultations and evaluations and associated charges.

Why are you offering this instead of requiring a full exam/consultation?
At Kyle Animal Hospital, we believe in the value of communication and time, and the value of a comprehensive exam at least once a year. We are sure every client would agree that in an ideal world, every pet would have a complete wellness exam and consultation at least once a year. However, we do understand that it is not an ideal world, and sometimes (especially given the current economic climate), something has to give.
We are proud to be here 6 days a week for standard office consultations, but are also gratified that we are now in a position to offer a low-cost alternative to the out-of-town, fly-by-night vaccine clinics.

What is the difference between your vaccine clinic and the temporary clinics?
The temporary, parking lot type vaccine clinics, (in addition to often being more expensive), at times offer vaccines that we feel are not in the best interest of most pets. Some of the cheaper vaccine lines have been associated with certain types of cancer in pets, and some of the vaccines will cause misleading results on future tests. For more information, a simple internet search on "Feline Leukemia Vaccine Cancer" or "FIV vaccine positive test" will return volumes of information. Furthermore, some vaccine clinics attempt to unethically raise prices by advertising different rates for a "3 year vaccine" even though the vaccine is the exact same as the annual vaccine; it simply depends on whether the patient has had vaccines in the past. We assure you that the vaccines we use for our vaccine clinics are of the same high quality as those that we use during our standard office calls. Our choices of medication or vaccine for your pets are never, ever based on price alone. On this we will not compromise.
In addition, we have been a part of the local economy since 1996. The vaccine clinics come in, take money out of the community, and leave.

How will the vaccine clinic hours work?
During our vaccine clinic hours, we will see patients on a walk-in basis with no appointments. Our doctors will perform an examination sufficient to establish general health for vaccination. Your pet will receive the exact same vaccines as they receive during the week, at the same low cost, without our office call/exam/consultation fee. Routine wellness testing such as, heartworm, fecal, feline-leukemia, or others, may be performed during these visits as time allows. If time does not allow, you may return any time during regular business hours for this testing at no additional office call charge.

We hope this service to the community will allow for more area pets to receive appropriate vaccines, without clients being forced to use the services of an out-of-town, fly-by-night temporary clinic. As always, please feel free to email or call us for more information.

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